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Revisionists: A Primer
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The Revisionists
A Primer

Though all documentation from early in the Revisionists’ career has been lost, the stories say that the first time-traveler was a Revisionist. In the Original Timeline (or OTL, not to be confused with the group of same name), the world was falling apart. Human misery ran rampant, and the Earth itself was dying — and humanity had neither the technology nor the inclination to escape into space. However, one man, known as Alpha, was obsessed with fixing the world, and realized that things had gone too far — so he brought together a group of the most brilliant minds alive and built a time machine. His first change, long lost, took metatime from Tick 0 to Tick 1, and changed everything forever. The Revisionists see themselves as descendants of Alpha, taking on a most sacred duty — duty to God, to humanity’s potential, or to themselves, depending on their interpretation of the Revisionist precepts. This mission is to transform history into its most perfect possible creation — utopia for all humanity for all of time (or as much as can be achieved). At this time — and only at this time — will time-travel technology be destroyed, so that no further changes can be made to upset the Revisionists’ careful work. Their tactics vary, as most Revisionist scholars believe that a balance between technology and philosophical maturity must be struck in order to find a self-sustaining utopia — but most changes focus on presenting a new idea or technology at the right point in the timeline to create the greatest and most beneficial change. However, the Revisionists’ goals are complicated by the existence of OTL. OTL’s goal of recreating the original timeline is diametrically opposed to that of the Revisionists, and so each group spends much of its time foiling the plans of the other. OTL is viewed as an upstart, a young, unwise group of ruffians who are worshipping a timeline that they would themselves hate. The Revisionists keep a space station situated approximately one million years after the Big Bang, hardened against the flux of random particles that are all that exist in the universe. This space-time was carefully chosen so that no change that either faction makes could possibly wipe the Revisionist Base from history — as going back any further into the past is impossibly dangerous due to hard radiation. However, this does mean that the Revisionists periodically must move the entire Base back into the past again and overwrite themselves, to ensure that they don’t travel too far forward. Additionally, since OTL HQ is also at the same temporal, if not spatial, coordinates, they must occasionally fend off space-based attacks from said faction.

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Revisionists Primer

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