On the Run

For something infinite in all directions, the timeline is a shockingly small place. When a key moment in human history is identified — whether because of its strategic usefulness or the resources it offers — Travelers descend on it like a pack of buzzards. Freelance tech acquisition teams know this better than most, as the prime choices of crosstime real estate are fought over by the many groups intent on getting first pick The loose team colloquially known as “the Collectors” routinely finds itself in competition — most notably with Jordana Herrera’s “Techsmiths.”

After a recent run-in where the Collectors beat the Techsmiths to a particularly expensive piece of tech, Jordana has made it her mission to take down Theo Green and his friends. Her network of contacts throughout crosstime feed her information whenever they encounter the Collectors, and soon she will catch up…

Jordana Herrera, a Free Marketeer and leader of the Techsmiths. She is a rage-fueled maniac who has intimidated hundreds of Travelers and natives into helping her. Her group is famed that they will get anything their clients want, no matter the difficulty or the moral question.
Important Aspects: <aspect>The Ultimate Scav</aspect>, <aspect>Rage-Fueled Maniac</aspect>, <aspect>Cowed Contacts Everywhen<aspect>.
Important Skills: Superb Resources, Great Contacts, Good Fight. Other social skills high, physical and knowledge middling to low.

Alohalani Hewitt, the head of the Shelter. Arguably the single most famous Traveler, Hewitt is reputed to know everyone and how to control each of them. For those who believe in her cause, Hewitt is incredibly friendly and generous. Those who do not, she has no use for.
Important Aspects: <aspect>Strong-Willed Head of the Shelter</aspect>, <aspect>There Are So Many I Can’t Save</aspect>, <aspect>Spies Everywhere</aspect>.
Important Skills: Superb Contacts, Great Rapport, Good Resources. Other social skills high, knowledge skills middling, physical skills low.

On the Run

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