Travel: To travel in time.

Time travel, or simply “Travel” to anyone working Crosstime, can be achieved through a variety of mechanical means, though the underlying physics are all the same.

-Temporal Displacement Engine (TDE) (PL 6): Every form of Travel relies on some variation of this technology at its core. Through the manipulation of tachyons, a TDE removes anything within its field of effect from the timestream, and travels one Tick Crosstime, depositing it at any specified spatial and temporal coordinates. TDEs require immense amounts of power, making them impractical with any power devices PL 5 or below, as well as most PL 6 sources. Cost: Fantastic [+6] (PL 6), Superb [+5] (PL 7), Great [+4] (PL 8)

-Travel Platform (PL 6): A massive TDE built inside a giant complex powers this small platform, generally 10’x10’x10’ (1 zone) in size. As the TDE is too large to fit inside the field it creates, Travel Platforms send their users on a one-way trip. Some Platforms are capable of acting as an arrival space, summoning a Traveler from another space-time. However, since Travelers summoned this way will arrive one Tick Crosstime, it’s questionable whether the Platform will still be there when they arrive. Cost: Epic [+7] (PL 6), Fantastic [+6] (PL 7), Great [+4] (PL 8)

-Travel Sphere (PL 7): The first integrated Travel device capable of bringing the TDE along with the sent items, a Travel Sphere is a TDE placed inside a simple bathysphere. This restricts the field of effect and allows for easy life-support, making it easy for a Traveler to explore space-times with hostile environments. Cost: Superb [+5] (PL 7), Great [+4] (PL 8)

-Temporal Vehicle (PL 7): A TDE placed inside an ordinary vehicle, land, sea, air, or space-based. Though the vehicle’s ability to travel geographically is irrelevant for temporal Travel, it is often considered convenient, and makes exploring hostile space-times more practical, especially downtime space-times that utilize interstellar travel. Epic [+7] (PL 7), Superb [+5] (PL 8)

-Travel Key (PL 8): The first truly miniaturized Travel device, the Travel Key is small enough to hold in one hand, or install into a wearable item such as wristwatch or belt buckle. A Travel Key’s displacement field has a maximum capacity of the wearer plus fifty pounds, which the Traveler must be touching. Cost: Fantastic [+6] (PL 8)

-Travel Implant (TI) (PL 8): The most sophisticated form of Travel, the Travel Implant is standard equipment for any OTL or Revisionist operatives, as well as many in other factions. The core component, a temporal displacement engine, is fairly standard, but miniaturized and integrated into a cybernetic implant. The TI is surgically grafted into a Traveler’s brain, where a simple mental command activates the engine. Unless altered, a TI is capable of transporting the Traveler and up to fifty additional pounds, all of which must be touching the Traveler. Often combined with a Lingua Franca Implant, and sometimes further cybernetics. Cost: Epic [+7] (PL 8)


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