Time Orphan

A Traveler whose timeline has been erased. Strictly speaking, all Travelers are time orphans, but the title is usually conferred after the current timeline is significantly different than the orphan’s origin. See Traveler, Timelost.

A Short Discourse on Time Orphans and Recruitment

One of the first questions any native asks when confronted with the reality of time travel is “When do you come from?” This is a complicated question, and cannot be easily answered within traditional linear time. The fact is, it is rare for any two operatives to come from the same [[space-time]], or even the same timeline. As the Base is not designed as a living space or self-sustaining community, virtually every Revisionist was born and raised within history proper—and the same is true for OTL and most other factions. Hence, every operative comes from a defunct timeline and can never return home, as their first mission usually destroys their history. The term for these individuals is Time Orphan, though it is almost meaningless given that virtually every operative is a Time Orphan, barring the few born on the Revisionist Base or OTL HQ and the occasional lucky Traveler whose career is short enough on a metatemporal scale that she is able to retire in a timeline that has only suffered minor changes.

The concept of Time Orphans naturally leads directly into the question of from where operatives are recruited. This question has two answers, as there are two common methods for recruitment, commonly known as Crafting and Scavenging.

An unfortunate side-effect of the prevalence of Time Orphans in the ranks of the Revisionists and OTL is that the lack of individual continuity makes the Revisionists’ own history a spotty affair—and thus everyone else’s history, as it all derives from the Revisionists. Admittedly, the history problem is exacerbated by OTL sabotage (particularly from their original revolt) and the lack of structured record-keeping by Alpha and his contemporaries, but the fact remains that nobody seems certain of how long the Revisionists have been operating, in either metatemporal or personal-chronology scales.

Time Orphan

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