The Span

Official Faction Name: The Span

Alternate Names: Anti-T, Enders

Faction Philosophy: Like OTL, the Span believes that time travel and the wanton changes to the timeline are evil. Unlike OTL, though, the Enders don’t desire to restore the timeline to Tick 0 – either they don’t see the OTL as something worth resurrecting, or, more commonly, they think it is a lost cause and not worth pursuing. Hence, their only goal is to destroy all Travel technology. The irony that they must Travel to complete their goals is not lost on the Enders, but they acknowledge it as an unfortunate necessity.

The Span is very small, an have no reasonable chance to destroy the Big Two head-on. Hence, they operate with sabotage and terror tactics, taking out Travelers squad-by-squad. Oftentimes, the Span will destroy Travel devices but leave the users alone, but since it’s often impractical – it is difficult at best to disable a Travel Implant without killing the host, and Travelers are fiercely protective of their tech – most factions fear the Enders as ruthless, indiscriminate killers.

Base of Operations: The Span has no permanent base, but usually keeps a compound somewhere in early human history, relatively safe from changes.

Spheres of Influence/Operation: Where you find Travelers, there you find the Span. They wander the Free Market, follow Machinists into high-tech areas, and infiltrate the Revisionist Sanctum. Enders seldom interact with natives, though turning native populations against Travelers (or “witches,” “aliens,” or what-have-you) is a tactic they’ve used more than once.

Allies and Enemies: Practically by definition, Enders hate all other factions, and vice-versa. They come closest to allying with OTL and Green Time, but since losing Travel tech would hinder the plans of every other faction, the Span usually operates alone.

Faction Aspect: Enders are fairly fanatical, and must take a Faction Aspect like “Fanatical Travel-Hater” or “Time Travel Must Stop Within My Lifetime.”

Faction Stunt: Choose one of the following:
  • Mad Bomber (Specialization: +1 to Demolitions for building and activating explosives, -1 for disarming explosives).
  • Temporal Specialist (Specialization: +2 to Engineering, when working on Temporal Displacement Engines or Operative gear).
  • Tough: The character adds one box to their Health stress track permanently.
  • Traveler Hatred (Specialization: +2 to [Firearms, Unarmed, or Weapons, player’s choice], vs. Travelers).

The Span

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