The Shelter

Official Faction Name: The Shelter

Alternate Names: Philanthropists, Humanitarians, The Samaritan Society

Faction Philosophy: Every war has its displaced unfortunates, civilians left without a home due to the horrors of war. The War is no exception, with no less than every single Traveler displaced from their home timeline. This is where the Shelter comes in—they take in those Time Orphans with no place to go and find them new and comfortable space-times in which to settle.

The Shelter is operated by the iron will of one woman, Alohalani Hewitt, often referred to as the First Time Orphan (though she is, of course, no such thing). She gathers together the most idealistic believers she can find, and balances her organization out with practical people who care nothing about the mission but only about a steady paycheck. Through her machinations, the Shelter knows secrets about every faction, valuable information that keeps the Big Two off its back and allows [name] to go on with her crusade.

Base of Operations: The Shelter operates out of an unofficial safe area in the Station’s contested zones. This base is ill-funded but safe, as most Factions respect the Shelter’s autonomy, either out of respect for their mission or fear of Hewitt’s retaliation. From this base, Hewitt’s people research new space-times – either on their own or through negotiation with the Archivists – find needy Timelost – through ranging crosstime or attracting them to the Station by word of mouth and coded messages. Then, of course, they place the latter in the former and repeat the process with the next crop of Timelost.

Spheres of Influence/Operation: The Shelter keeps garden spots open in every timeline they can, as refuges for their Timelost clients. Because of this need, they primarily operate outside of normal human history – pre-Holocene or late after humanity has emigrated from Earth or destroyed itself. However, they maintain a presence on the Station and throughout human history so that Time Orphans can find the Shelter and its services.

Allies and Enemies: Though the Shelter endangers the goals of the primary factions, many Revisionists and OTLers see great value in the Shelter’s humanitarian actions—and, more importantly, Hewitt holds so many secrets that nobody dares get in the Shelter’s way.

Faction Aspect: The average Humanitarian is exactly that—an idealist who wants to help whoever they can. They must take a Faction Aspect reflecting that, like “Helpful Samaritan” or “A Friend in Need is a Friend Indeed.”

Faction Stunt: Choose one of the following:
  • Hotel Hunter (Specialization: +2 to Resources to find safe lodgings).
  • More Flies With Honey (Skill Replacement: use Rapport for Contacting at peak -2 (usually Fair (+2)).
  • Resolute: The character adds one box to their Composure stress track permanently.
  • Welcome Everywhere: (Unflappable: no penalty to Rapport due to local customs).

The Shelter

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