Space Time Statistics

Everyone is from somewhen, and no two Travelers are from the same space-time. When deciding when and where your character hails from, you can either decide on one of the example space-times, or create your own. Either way, your home space-time will suggest a Background Aspect.

Space-Time Traits

Every civilization has one trait in each of the following categories, which come into play in certain stunts, and may act as a point of connection between Travelers. They also have three Aspects, which function very similarly to character Aspects.

  • Progress Level: PL 0/1/2/3/4/5/6/7/8
  • Dominant Culture: [examples: Asian, Hellenic, Indic, Meso-American, Western]
  • Government: [examples: Democracy, Dictatorship, Feudalism, Theocracy, Tribal]
  • Aspects: [examples: Arcologies Shield Us from the Wild World, God’s Will is Above All, Raiding Parties Rule the Steppe, Those With the Bloodline Make The Rules, Yesterday The World Ended]
    • 1.
    • 2.
    • 3.

Other details that are useful, but do not count as Traits, are date, location, and point of divergence from our own timeline (that is, where things changed in the past to make this timeline different from real life).

  • Absolute Time: [from 13,710,449,007 BCE] AT
  • Holocene: [from 9640 BCE] H
  • RTL: [from 0 CE] BCE/CE
  • Local Time: [from local dating system]
  • Location: [nation, city, etc.]
  • Point of Divergence: [PoD from RTL]
Example Space-Times:

Space Time Statistics

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