• Absolute Time: 13.7 billion, 454,061 AT
  • Holocene: 14,694 H
  • RTL: 5054 CE
  • Local Time: 364 Reconstruction
Space-Time Traits
  • Progress Level: (Earth Remnant) PL 7; (Colony World) PL 4-6; (Ambassador) PL 7
  • Civilization Paradigm: (Earth Remnant) Urban; (Colony World) Urban or Agrarian; (Ambassador) Nomadic
  • Dominant Culture: (Earth Remnant) Chinese; (Colony World) varies; (Ambassador) Chinese
  • Government: (Earth Remnant) Technocracy; (Colony World) varies, usually Federation, Feudalism, or Tribal; (Ambassador) Anarchy
  • International Relations: (Earth Remnant) Isolationist; (Colony World) Isolationist or Militaristic; (Ambassador) Diplomatic
  • Religion: (Earth Remnant) None; (Colony World) varies; (Ambassador) None
  • Religious Attitude: (Earth Remnant) Atheist; (Colony World) varies, usually Religious; (Ambassador) Atheist;

In this space-time, a variety of colony ships left Earth in the third millennium CE and settled a variety of planets within the relatively local galactic area – terraforming planets and bioforming themselves to fit. With the physics presented in Crosstime, wherein FTL travel is impossible without the use of time-travel (though moving through Ticks makes it impractical), all the worlds colonized in Reconstruction were colonized by sleeper or ark ships, traveling at .5 to .95 C, depending on their construction date and technology used.

An extremely loose confederation of worlds came up during the third and fourth millennia CE. However, due to the radically long-distance communication, the time lag of communication between worlds and the inability to practically trade anything other than information, and the radical changes in technology, social structures, and even biology created by the different environments on the various colony worlds, the confederation fell apart in the last fourth and early fifth millennia CE.

Current time is early in the sixth millennium CE. The small remaining population of Earth and the other Solar colonies have developed very sophisticated technology, of necessity from living on the ecologically-damaged Earth. About a hundred years ago, an extremely idealistic/White Man’s Burden government came to power on Earth, with the goal of recreating and improving on the old confederation. They recognize this is very difficult with slower-than-light transportation and communication, but they have the most sophisticated engines yet developed, allowing them to travel extremely close to the speed of light – and also at previously unheard of miniaturized ships.

And so they created the Ambassador. A genetically modified clone, created to appear like a human from pre-colonization, to try and provoke fond reminiscing, whatever history or mythology the colonists may have. Ambassadors are sent out with a variety of technologies to allow them to interact with these diverse civilizations. These include the Lingua Franca Implant (detailed in the Gear chapter, as it has been appropriated by a variety of Factions). The Ambassadors were designed to match a universal standard of beauty, to appeal to as wide a cross-section of humanity as possible, as well as using powerful pheromones, simulating empathic abilities through examining micro-expressions and changes in voice, resulting in an impressive designed diplomat.


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