Official Faction Name: Racketeers

Alternate Names: Psychics, Snake Oil Salesmen

Faction Philosophy: A loose confederation at best, Racketeer is the label given to anyone who travels uptime with the intention of using downtime knowledge for profit. Sometimes they masquerade as psychics, other times they simply gamble or invest in the stock market with the assurance that they already know the result. Of course, both the temporal changes of the War and the variances they themselves create mean that such schemes seldom work, but the success rate is high enough for a sizable minority of Travelers to take up the practice.

Base of Operations: The Racketeers have no base, or even an organization to speak of, but most Psychics keep an eye on their brethren—both for support and to avoid competition.

Spheres of Influence/Operation: Practically speaking, a Racketeer can make a profit virtually anywhen, but they focus more on space-times with plenty of organized gambling, whether sports or stock markets. They often place themselves in positions of power, though some operate a more nomadic existence and leave when they’ve made their profit.

Allies and Enemies: Both primary factions frown on the Racketeers’ actions, as at best they are exploiting time natives, and at worst they can destabilize a timeline if a Snake Oil Salesman gains enough money and power to shift a population away from their planned future.

Faction Aspect: A Racketeer must take a Faction Aspect reflecting their scheming nature, whether “Stock Market Sneak” or “A Sucker is Born Every Minute.”

Faction Stunt: Choose one of the following:
  • Big Man (Skill Replacement: use Contacting for Resources when working in a specific field [Player’s choice: (Criminal, Business, Politics, Espionage, a specific Faction or Space-Time, etc)].
  • Bull Market (Specialization: +2 to Resources when using the stock market or similar forms of investment).
  • Cache (Free-form: once per session, may cash in a hidden stash of goods for +2 to one Resources check).
  • Con Man (Skill Replacement: use Deceit for Empathy to “read” another’s emotions).
  • Rigged Game (Skill Replacement: use Deceit for Resources when gambling).
  • Sucker (Free-form/Companion): Design a companion with two advances. In addition, he is automatically Fair quality, and Skilled with Resources. He tends to buy things for you, along with whatever else it is he does. The downside is that he’s a sucker – you hooked him in, but he is a Poor difficulty target for anyone else looking to sucker him too (although if you when that happens).


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