Official Faction Name: OTL

Alternate Names: The Big Two (with the Revisionists)

Faction Philosophy: OTL, or Original TimeLine, is the younger of the two Traveler factions. At some point in the Revisionists’ task, a small group of Revisionists lost faith in their mission. They decided that the Revisionists were meddling with the natural order of things, and should be stopped. Their goal became nothing less than restoring the semi-mythical Tick Zero, the universe as it stood before Alpha began changing things. The first members of OTL started a revolution on the Station, and while they were driven out of the main Sanctum, they staked out a small – and ever-increasing – area of the Station as their own.

Most OTL operatives are even more religiously-oriented than the Revisionists, seeing themselves as on a divine mission to bring the world back to how God wants it. On the other hand, the second most common belief structure is based on anti-authoritarianism, as these OTLers believe that no-one has the right to force people onto a particular path, and want to bring back the one time that humanity was truly free.

Base of Operations:

Spheres of Influence/Operation: [more here] In practice, their operational limits are from about 6000 H – the rise of early civilizations in most timelines – and 20,000 H, by which point humanity has nearly always wiped itself out.

Allies and Enemies: The Revisionists’ main relationship is an antagonistic one, with OTL. OTL’s goal of recreating the original timeline is diametrically opposed to that of the Revisionists, and so each group spends much of its time foiling the plans of the other. OTL is viewed as an upstart, a young, unwise group of ruffians who are worshiping a timeline that they would themselves hate. OTL operatives spend more time than the Revisionists on sabotage missions, as they see every change the Revisionists make as a step further away from Tick Zero. However, as many events have been changed back and forth, OTL also makes substantive changes in the timeline as it currently stands, and even occasionally allows a Revisionist change to go forward if they feel it comes closer to restoration. OTL view the Revisionists as following a dangerously outmoded belief-system, and think they are confined by too much tradition. OTL and the Span are sometimes unlikely allies. Their goals are similar, in that they desire the end of Travel, and they come together to wipe out Travelers or Travel tech. However, OTL has a long way to go before they want to stop Travel altogether, so the Span’s urgency causes numerous disputes. Hedonists, Messiahs, Racketeers, and Timelost are all seen as low-level threats by OTL – generally to be ignored, but easily squashed if they get in the way. Green Time and the Machinists are seen as more dangerous, as they can wipe out multiple Ticks worth of worth with one operation – and since their goals are in direct opposition to OTL, they are favorite targets of OTL ops. The Archivists, Freelancers, the Free Market, and the Shelter are all seen as useful assets, with minimal chance of causing harm to OTL’s goals and often proving helpful.

Faction Aspect: OTLers are a diverse group, with nearly as many reasons for doing what they do as they have members. OTL is devoted to restoring the universe to its original state, so many believe man has no right to meddle with history. These operatives take a Faction Aspect like “Reluctant Traveler Looking To End The Changes” or “History Should Be Inviolate.” Some see the Original Timeline as somehow perfect, despite its flaws, and want to return to paradise, taking a Faction Aspect like “Remember the Glorious Past”. OTL has more than its share of fanatics, seeing religious fervor in their chosen task, even though (or perhaps because) their organization is less ritualized and overtly religious than the Revisionists. These OTLers take a Faction Aspect like “OTL Religious Fanatic.” Others are motivated more personally, angry at the tactics of the Revisionists. These take a Faction Aspect like “Embittered Former Revisionist.”

Faction Stunt: Choose one of the following:
  • Feared By All (Specialization: +2 to Intimidation when dealing with Travelers).
  • Headquarters (Property Stunt)
  • Home Turf (Specialization: +2 to Contacting, Resources, Survival, and Tactics while on the Station).
  • Know Your Enemy (Specialization: +2 to Tactics vs. Revisionist operatives).
  • Well-Connected (Specialization: +2 to Leadership when requisitioning reinforcements and operational support).


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