Official Faction Name: Messiahs

Alternate Names: True Believers, Cult of Personality

Faction Philosophy: Not an organized group by any stretch of the term, “Messiah” is simply a pejorative term for any Traveler who takes on the role of an important religious and/or political figure. Some crave power and know they are nothing special, while others believe that they were chosen by some divinity to take on the role of a beloved historical or mythical figure. In either case, they take control of a (usually small) group or culture and guide it to their desire—which may be planned out to the minutest detail, or based solely on their whim.

Base of Operations: True Believers have no organization, and hence no base of operations. That said, most Messiahs stay in a single Tick once in place, though some repeatedly Travel if their cults don’t develop as planned.

Spheres of Influence/Operation: The only hard-and-fast rule is that Messiahs operate uptime from their home space-times, whether because they are utilizing their knowledge of history and scientific advances, or because they are mimicking someone from their culture’s history. They most often land fairly far uptime, in primitive cultures that are more likely to believe in them—but some Messiahs have had success in collapsed societies downtime, or even occasionally in high-tech and -culture societies (usually through the use of mass media).

Allies and Enemies: Nobody likes Messiahs. Their goals are manipulative or delusional, and either way there isn’t any room for anyone else. Though their activities are usually local and small-time, the Big Two keep a close watch on Messiah activity just in case they decide to preach near a Tipping Point and make a massive shift in the timeline.

Faction Aspect: Messiahs either crave power or are extremely deluded. The power-hungry must take a Faction Aspect like “Greedily False God” or “For I Am a Jealous God,” while the true believers tend towards “Prophet of the One True God” or “My Destiny Has Long Been Written.”

Faction Stunt: Choose one of the following:
  • Chosen Avatar (Specialization: +2 to Deceit when in your favored disguise – choose when taking the stunt)
  • Cold Read (Specialization: When using Empathy, getting a “read” on someone takes 2 steps less on the time table).
  • Hit Them Where It Hurts (Skill Replacement: use Empathy for Intimidation when provoking an emotional response).
  • Inspiring Words (Group Skill: Allies use your Rapport for [Firearms, Unarmed, Weapons, Deceit, Intimidation, or Rapport; player’s choice] at peak -1).
  • Orator (Specialization: +2 to Rapport when speaking to large crowds)
  • “Relic of Power” (Personal Device)
  • Resolute (Stress Track: The character adds one box to their Composure stress track permanently).


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