Official Faction Name: Hedonists

Alternate Names: Pleasure-seekers, Tourists

Faction Philosophy: Not an actual faction so much as a descriptor, Hedonists are the independent Travelers (either renegades from one of the primary factions or independent inventors of Travel technologies) who spend their time focused on pursuing physical pleasures. They have no interest in the War, or in most other factions’ beliefs—they believe the purpose of Traveling is to see fascinating sights, eat new and exotic foods, and have sex with all sorts of people. A smaller subset of Tourists (though not small enough, many feel) take Hedonism to its logical extreme, feeling unburdened by the moral stance that since time natives don’t exist in metatime, their lives have no value. Violence, rape, massive property and psychological trauma follow these Hedonists like flies to shit.

Base of Operations: With the exception of small tour groups and the like, Hedonists have no organized structure, and hence no permanent structures.

Spheres of Influence/Operation: However, Tourists can usually be found in space-times renowned for their pleasures and decadence: Imperial Rome, 1920s US, Hennessey’s Pleasure Planet, etc.

Allies and Enemies: OTL and the Revisionists see Hedonists as a minor irritation at most—their single-minded selfishness is unpleasant, but Tourists seldom change events in any notable way.

Faction Aspect: Hedonists are open to any and all new experiences. They gain a Faction Aspect stating the same, something like “Excitable Time Tourist” or “I’ve Got To See Everything Before I Die.”

Faction Stunt: Choose one of the following:
  • Been Everywhen (Skill Replacement: use Contacting for Cultures at peak -2).
  • Favorite Era (Specialization: +2 to [Cultures, Contacting, or Rapport; player’s choice], while in a favored culture. Choose three Space-Time Traits. If a space-time has at least two of these Traits, it is considered “favored.” A Hedonist’s favored culture may not be Traveler society (it’s really not any fun)).
  • Find Common Ground (Skill Replacement: Use Contacting for Rapport, when dealing with entertainment, arts, or leisure).
  • Knows All The Best Places (Specialization: +2 to Contacting or Resources, when looking for entertainment, arts, or leisure).
  • Pass for a Native: (Specialization: +2 to Deceit, when attempting to disguise self or others).


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