Green Time

Official Faction Name: Green Time

Alternate Names: Gaians, Eco-Terrorists, Naturalists, Tree-Huggers

Faction Philosophy: Green Time believes that animals and plants have as much right, or more, to live as humans. However, there are two distinct sub-groups, usually defined as the Eco-Terrorists and the Naturalists—the Eco-Terrorists believe the world is better off without humanity, and view Traveling as a perfect way to retroactively wipe out the human race and leave Earth to the animals. They operate with a mandate of massive casualties, aimed at early human history. The Naturalists, on the other hand, want humans to co-exist with the environment, aiming to introduce clean solar technology before petroleum, ensure a reverence for the Earth, etc. A motley crew of amateurs and fanatics, Green Time is generally ineffective. Though the Eco-Terrorists’ ideas are horrifically dangerous to the timestream, and either sub-group is considered damaging to the Big Two, Gaians are seldom able to accurately and effectively strike at their uptime goals.

Base of Operations: Green Time tries its best to stay mobile, which is both its strength and weakness. Gaians have no single base to be wiped out, but oftentimes operations uptime can destroy large numbers as they move from one Tick to another.

Spheres of Influence/Operation: Given that the Green Time Eco-Terrorists’ goal is to wipe out humanity before civilization has a chance to ruin the Earth, they are most often found in far uptime eras, in pre- or early-civ space-times. On the other hand, the weapons they need to wipe out large numbers of people aren’t available until high-tech eras, so they are often found far downtime on scavenging missions. Naturalists range further up and downtime, instilling Gaian philosophies into uptime civilizations and interfering in industrial revolutions.

Allies and Enemies: As Green Time is seldom effective, OTL and the Revisionists tend to ignore it whenever possible. However, as a single successful Green Time strike can send waves down an entire timeline, both primary factions will come down on Green Time like a hammer of God if it looks like the Gaians are close to a successful operation. Among the other factions, the Shelter promotes the agenda of the Naturalists, always looking for a more pleasant place to send the Timelost – while the Eco-Terrorists find an ally in the Span, as both of their causes require the deaths of massive numbers of Travelers. Gaians find their biggest enemy, unsurprisingly, in the Machinists – their core philosophies being diametrically opposed, the two factions spend much of their time working against the other’s plans.

Faction Aspect: Green Time love animals and nature, by the very definition of the faction. They must take a Faction Aspect reflecting this: “Tree-Hugging Gaian” or “My Love For Nature Knows No Bounds” or similar. Notably, a small portion of Eco-Terrorists actually don’t care about nature, and simply want to destroy humanity, usually because of supposed evils endemic in the species, so their Aspect may instead be something akin to “Civilization-Destroying Nihilist” or “The Only Good Human is a Dead Human.”

Faction Stunt: Choose one of the following:
  • Common Interests (Skill Replacement: Use Survival for Rapport, when talking to those who care about nature).
  • Natural Medicine (Unflappable: Do not take penalties to Medicine or Engineering for using low-PL supplies).
  • Shadows of the Forest (Skill Replacement: Use Survival for Stealth at peak -2 (usually Fair (+2)).
  • Tough: The character adds one box to their Health stress track permanently.
  • Veterinarian (Specialization: +2 to Medicine when treating animals).

Green Time

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