Fair Technology Acquisition Operative
Heartless Tech Scavenger, Enough is Never Enough
Fair Shoot, Average Resources and Athletics

Maintenance Robot
Fair Artificial
Aging Maintenance Robot, Unconvincing Simulation of Human Intellect, Single-Minded
Fair Engineering, Average Fight and Physique

Sleeper Ship Officer
Last Best Hope of the Human Race, Alone in the Dark, *Keeping the Lights On*
Good Rapport, Fair Will, Average Shoot and Tactics
Physical O O
Mental O O O
1 mild consequence, 1 moderate consequence

Treasure Hunter (Fair)

Two-sentence description

Favored Conflict Type: 1 of following: Physical, Mental, Access, Chase, Repair, Research, or Temporal

Aspects: [aspect]concept[/aspect]

Skills: Fair (2) Fight, Average (1 Resources)

Stress: 1 stress

Notes: Treasure hunters will start any conflict by creating REsources advantagesto represent relevant gear they may have.

Varying This Template: Less violent treasure hunters might put Athletics at Fair. An engineer would swap in Engineering.

Reverse Engineer

Two-sentence description

Favored Conflict Type: 1-2 of following: Physical, Mental, Access, Chase, Repair, Research, or Temporal

Aspects: [aspect]Reverse Engineer[/aspect], [aspect]Find the Traveler Tech’s Weaknesses[/aspect], [aspect]Obsessive Anti-Traveler[/aspect], [aspect]Seen Tech From Throughout Space and Time [/aspect]

Skills: Good (3) Engineering, Fair (2) Resources, Average (+1) Shoot

Reverse Engineer. You gain a +2 bonus to Engineering when attempting to understand or replicate existing technology.

Stress: Physical O O, Mental O O [+Physique/Will], 1 mild consequence, possibly 1 moderate consequence

Notes: Conflict (any kind) notes.

Varying This Template: Different aspects, skills, stunts and extras to change faction or other concepts.

Military operations

Fort Hill nine
cybernetic legal augmented killing machine, your organs or your life, raised in a world war,?,?
Superb fight, and I

Covert operatives

OT L sneak thief
military operations

Revisionists grant
night of alpha, utopia is just ahead, small squad commando
average shoots, athletics
no stress
the rank-and-file revisionist operations, these will always be the first line of defense the players will encounter often recruited from native militaries. They don’t know much about’s war and only the basics of faction philosophy, but their loyalty knows no limits
they will always strike mobs possible, but something something. They will try to be mobile and surround their enemies.
Varying this template: a basic infantrymen from any other faction or native population can be created with a simple swapping of aspects, such as a machinist nano night or an American G.I. Joe. Soldiers from earlier on in military operatives from down time would likely have fights in place of shoot

Spartan Schultz Spartan soldier
soldier red from birth, this is Sparta something else
good fights
average scratch that fair, athletics
average tactics, notice

Feelings. When joined into a mob, you get an additional +1 team up bonus. A mob of three or more with other Spartan soldiers.

Physical three stress
mental to stress
one mild consequence

Spartans are famed as some of the greatest soldiers in history in many texts. Though they may not know what’s going on or understand travelers, they still know how to wield a blade. Tactics should be in their pyramid if it’s not
burying this template: this could represent a skilled warrior from any uptime downtime culture, or in an uptime space time where merely things come back to the for friends for either practical or philosophical reasons. An uptime gladiator mites swap out phalanx or a scratch that an extra providing some combat advantage that I will come up with, something else.

Command operative main
concept: sociopathic OT L commander
dilemma: blood night
aspects: people: use them and lose them, we are the best of the best of the best, something about killing revisionists

superb: tactics, provoke
great: shoots, athletics
fair: drive, resources
average: engineering, physique

demolitions expert. When building or disarming explosives, you gain a +2 bonus to your engineering skill.
Rule by fear. You can use provoke is set up for poor to grant aspects of encouraged’s part something, so long as you have created an intimidated or similar advantage with provoke on that character. Go get them boys. When you have three or more people fighting on your side the same zone, you can use tactics set up Mele for an attack skill.


Notes Niven’s’ skills are dependent on having a team of operatives on his side or on being a lone sniper and demolition list. He will use tactics to create advantages in every situation possible as well as provoking his team into performing more heroically. If you are able to use separate him from his team and get him in a narrow space, his mediocre fight score will make him easy pickings.

Varying this template: Niven’s himself can be swapped out to any other faction with one aspect change, especially because it is focus is on killing the enemy rather than advancing his causes goals. The machinists command operative would swap out provoke for engineering and have augmentation stunts extra something about seeing through his team signs. A legitimately inspiring officer might swap out provoke for rapport and have an additional stunts to extort his men team. Another example here.

Field science
Main and PC
him him him a name referencing some cyberpunk work. Will call him Bob.
Concept: console cowboy
dilemma: the net is my playground, the real world my present
aspects: Dataware implants, I dream of AI, something else
superb: him interface, scholarship probably
great: contacts, engineering
good: drive, cultures
fair: shoots, athletics
average: will, provoke

extra bracket -0 bracket: Bob can use his Dataware implants to provide X bonuses and sex negatives
extra: interface bracket -0 brackets: see sidebar
mission gear bracket -1 brackets. At the beginning of every mission, you can creates a piece of gear worth one stunts lots to take on the mission.
Security experts. When accessing computer-controlled locks and alarm systems, you can use interface and set of security parenthesis (two powerful)?

Notes: Bob is a terror striking indirectly through security systems and info where creating research conflicts and mental conflicts. Away from his computer, Bob is largely ineffective.

Varying this template: a more practical engineer with the interface to put engineering there, and have resources where engineering lies, along with some sort of stents. This template could model an artificial intelligence, which would only require leaving those skills that are directly physical. He needs a collateral damage type stunts where he can use interface to attack. A combat engineer might slots shoot into the interface slot and have the demolitions expert stunts found on Niven’s sheet (page XX) and collateral damage (see page XX) instead of the security camera thing.

Bob grew up in a space-time not too far from RTL, where he became obsessed with the genre of cyberpunk and tried to model himself after those characters when he became a rather basic black hat hacker. When machinist interference herded the technological singularity has space-time, Bob was overjoyed and quickly integrated himself into that new technology and made himself a willing servant of the AI, and after it was destroyed,
title case covert operations – main NBC
cultural studies – main NBC
the mono named Toulouse is the most famous nobody in all of time and space. I have missed with zero interest in the war or anything outside his own pleasures, Toulouse is nevertheless the person to talk to you wanting to know anything about any people
concept: professional dilettante
dilemma: completely oblivious to the war
aspects jolly fat man, knows where the party is at, something about not doing physical violence
fantastic: cultures, contacts
great: rapport, resources
good: provoke, will
fair: investigation, notice
average: engineering, scholarship

don’t hurt me! If you have successfully created an advantage on another character of friendly or the like, you may defend its physical attacks with rapport against an enemy. Possibly another limiting factor
I know a guy who knows a guy. If you spend a fate point, you can declare that you have a contact or no family in any given space-time.
Under the radar. You can use contacts to defend with active opposition against any attempts to find you as long as there are people in urban environments.

mental: three
physical: two
one mild consequence, one moderate consequence, one severe consequence

Notes: Toulouse is very friendly and will happily reveal almost any information he has about’s a culture for their traditions as well as the friends he might have. However, he expects recompense in exchange, and always in the form of introducing him to a new place or item that is exciting or luxurious. While he has no physical conflict skills, Toulouse is extremely good at preventing things from getting to that point and making people feel sorry for him.
Varying this template: a dedicated anthropologist or meta-historian would replace contacts with scholarship something else here. A time lost cultural studies operative would be focused not on fun but on analyzing the world for a way to get home or to find someplace similar, while a freelancer might anticipate the dangerous situations they would be called in to consult on, and the more skilled in physical conflict at the good or their levels.

Adventurer anthropologist
concept: adventurer anthropologist
dilemma: no it no one likes it when I take the things, what makes humans tick?
Good cultures, fair fights, average athletics
that one stunts of us the music cultures for rapport



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