The Computers skill is designed to fill the gap left by the pulp setting of the original SotC rules.

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This measures a character’s ability to use computers and write and manipulate computer programming. Characters with a high Computers include programmers, web designers, and students. -Information Retreival [Computers] With access to the Internet, use of Computers allows you to access a wealth of information – equivalent to an Average library on most topics. More esoteric topics may require a more difficult roll to access this effective library. Without access to the Internet, someone with this skill can access the information on a computer to which they have access. -Online Access [Computers] With access to the Internet, you can use other skills (such as Art,Contacting, Deceit, or Intimidation) online. -Cracking [Computers] Computers can be used to overcome computer security and access passwords that are not normally available. -Programming [Computers] Computers can be used to write programs to accomplish tasks. Alternately, programming can be used to create a virus that can render a computer inoperable.

Computer Stunts

Google-Fu [Computers]

Your skill at searching for information on the Internet is impressive. With Internet access, you may make a computers roll. The result of this is the rating of the library you have access to to answer a single question.

Social Networker [Computers]

With access to the Internet, you may substitute your Computer skill for your Contacting skill.

Whuffie [Computers] Requires Social Networker

Your reputation in the online world is golden. When using your computer skill to complement the use of a social skill online, you gain +2 to the roll instead of +1. Your Computer skill can never restrict a social skill online. When using Computers to replace contacting via Social Networker, your difficulty is reduced by one.

HaXXorZ [Computers]

When attempting to crack a computer system your difficulties are reduced by one, and additionally, the time to get the work done is reduced by one step on the time table.

*Script Kiddie [Computers] Requires HaXXorZ

You may create a computer virus to accomplish a specific task other than simply rendering a computer inoperable.


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