Official Faction Name: The Archivists

Alternate Names: Curators, Biblios, Bookworms, Researchers, Scholars, Sages

Faction Philosophy: The Archivists started as an ambitious project—to record every event throughout all of history. Logically, the founders reasoned, time travel was a necessary tool in this project. However, as the first Scholars Traveled for the first time, they discovered the unfortunate reality of metatime, and their already ambitious project became a virtual impossibility. This did not dissuade them, however, and the Archivists now range across space and time, recording as much as possible about every timeline, before Traveling to the next one and doing it again.

Base of Operations: The Archivists have a vast library, known as the Archives, based in the Station—it is, in fact, the only other Faction officially allowed on the Station by the Big Two, and is fiercely protected by both.

Spheres of Influence/Operation: Archivists can be found anywhere and everywhere. If there are enough people in an area to be worth visiting, there are enough to be worth Archiving. They are seldom seen or identified, preferring to observe quietly and record using the highest technologies—but if you see an overly-curious time native poking closer and closer to the fire, they could be an Archivist.

Allies and Enemies: Though OTL and the Revisionists both have their own Metatemporal historians, their focus is on broad sweeps rather than specifics, and when they need to know who held the position of US Postmaster General in 1810 of Tick 2191, they go to the Archivists. As the Scholars are, by definition, passive observers, the primary factions leave them be if not actively help them. In fact, only the most obsessive members of the Span or Green Time work against the curators, others seeing their research as far too helpful to destroy.

Faction Aspect: Archivists tend to be both detail-oriented and wide-sweeping in their interests, leading to seemingly opposite Faction Aspects such as “Obsessive-Compulsive Archivist” or “Everything Must Be Catalogued” to “Note-Taking Explorer” or “There Isn’t Enough to See.”

Faction Stunt: choose one of the following.
  • Cultural Expert (Specialization: +2 to Cultures regarding one culture of player’s choice).
  • Everything’s in Our Records: (Skill Replacement: Use Academics for Science at peak -2).* Universal Respect (Specialization: +2 to Rapport, when interacting with Travelers – or, initial attitudes can’t be below 0?).
  • Recording Expertise (Skill Replacement: use Academics or Cultures [player’s choice] for Engineering, when working on data recorders and surveillance technology).
  • Walking Library (Unflappable: can use Academics without access to a library).


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