Major Gordon Bishop

A military man from a war-torn future searches for a way to improve the timelines.


Name: Major Gordon Bishop

Faction: Revisionist

Operational Specialty:

Concept: Military officer, science project manager


  • Background Aspect: Newfie
  • Faction Aspect: “Utopia is a pipe dream.”
  • Overthinker
  • Wilderness Survivor
  • Chronicler
  • Battle Morality



  • Background Stunt: Analytical Commander (Free-form Stunt: number of minion squads or named characters you may command is doubled)
  • Electronic Journal (Invention Stunt: Personal Device)
  • Walking Library (Unflappable: Can use Academics without access to a library)
  • (something with Computers)


  • Electronic Journal
  • Base Item: Journal
  • PL 7
  • Upgrade: Historical Personages Database (+2 to Academics for
    researching important people)
  • Upgrade: Highly Compatible (+2 Computers to update database with
    local computer technology)


  • Health: 1 2 3
  • Composure: 1 2 3


  • Mild:
  • Moderate:
  • Severe:

Fate Points

  • Current: 3
  • Refresh Rate: 3

1. Background

Events: World War III, Northwest Territory, Canada 2044. Air Force
Research Outpost, Isolated. PL 5, Urban, Western, Aganostic,
Ethnically Homogenous, Militaristic, Republic.

  • Background Aspect: Newfie
  • Aspect 1: Overthinker

2. Youth

Events: Grew up in a fishing town in Newfoundland. My father was a
boat mechanic and my mother was the High School Superintendent. I
split a lot of my spare time as a child at the school library, or in the computer lab.

  • Aspect 2: [to be filled]
  • Aspect 3: Chronicler

3. The First Tick

Events: The scientists at my research station accidentally discovered
time travel at the time they tested the device I was observing via
monitor in a shielded observation room. I was sent to 2044 in a
different timeline.

  • Aspect 4: Wilderness Survivor
  • Faction Aspect: “Utopia is a Pipe Dream”

Events: see Adventure Log

  • Aspect 5: Battle Morality

Major Gordon Bishop

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