Alternate Names: Shadow, Sneak, Covert Ops, CO, Spook, Ghost

An expert in covert infiltration, the infiltrator enters secure locations, takes what they need, and exits again without anyone being the wiser.

The infiltrator may be participant in a faction’s covert operations, or be an independent sneak thief. No matter what, the shadows are their friends, and no sneak ever wants to be caught out in the open.

Responsibilities: A spook is required for two types of operation – those that must be secret to avoid the enemy’s attentions, and those that must be secret to protect their faction’s reputation. CO teams steal intelligence from other factions, assassinate native heads of state, and sabotage Green Time pathogens. Whether assassins or thieves, infiltrators show up in all levels of Traveler politics.

Common Missions: Common Missions: Assassination, Infiltration, Intelligence-Gathering, Counter-Intelligence, Sabotage

Recommended Builds:

Sneak Thief

  • Peak Skills: Stealth, Security, Athletics
  • Recommended Stunts: Tripwire Sensibilities (Skill Replacement: use Security for Alertness or Investigation to detect and avoid traps), Master of Shadows (Unflappable: ignore two shifts of discovery penalty while moving in Stealth), Human Spider (Unflappable: ignore two shifts of penalties to Athletics for climbing in difficult circumstances)
  • Recommended Aspect: “Born in the Shadows”


  • Peak Skills: Stealth, Weapons or Unarmed, Alertness
  • Recommended Stunts: Shadowed Strike (Unflappable: can make an attack from hiding without losing cover), Deadly Shadows (Skill Replacement: use Stealth for Weapons or Unarmed [player’s choice] while attacking from hiding), Close at Hand (Free-form: can draw a weapon as a free action).
  • Recommended Aspect: “Quiet as the Grave”


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