Official Faction Name: Freelancers

Alternate Names: Unaligned, Undecided, Cowards (pejorative), Free Agents, Individualists, ‘lancers, Mercenaries, Soldiers of Fortune

Faction Philosophy: Traveler society is built on the concept of Factions – groups of likeminded people, working for a common goal. Freelancers think this is bunk, and work independently. No two ‘lancers are alike, their only definining characteristic being that they have not – or will not – chose a Faction to settle down in. Most Freelancers are former Timelost, having grown used to Traveler society but still unwilling to choose a poison – but others are former members of some Faction or another, having retired from or fled their former lives.

Base of Operations: By definition, Freelancers don’t have a base of operations. Individual ‘lancers may keep their homes mobile, flitting from space-time to space-time, or may squat on the Station in one of the contested zones.

Spheres of Influence/Operation: Soldiers of fortune can be found anywhere and anywhen, but since their livelihood depends on the rest of Traveler society, they are most often found working at the Station and in the peak periods of history.

Allies and Enemies: A Freelancer’s allies and enemies are highly personal, depending on what alliances the individual ‘lancer has formed. However, both the Revisionists and OTL contract with mercenaries with fair regularity – but anyone who has contracted with one should expect to be viewed as an enemy by the other. More generally, the Span hates freelancers just as much as any other Travelers – but Timelost usually get along well with ‘lancers, as most freelancers were only recently Timelost themselves. And, as virtually every member of any Faction feels strongly about their path, individualists are usually seen as lost souls at best, or dangerous heretics at worst.

Faction Aspect: Freelancers haven’t chosen a side in the War. Whether they are simply indecisive, or find all the Factions repellent, or if they have a belief in independence above all else – ‘lancers are unaffiliated. In addition, they are often mistrusting and mistrusted by the Traveler society that takes refuge in groups. They must take a Faction Aspect reflecting their independent, indecisive, or untrustworthy natures: “Untrusting Mercenary,” or “You Won’t Hold Me Down.”

Faction Stunt: Choose one of the following:
  • Cache (Free-form: once per session, you may cash in a hidden stash of goods for +2 to one Resources check).
  • Headquarters (Property Stunt).
  • Know Your Options (Specialization: +2 to Cultures, when dealing with Traveler society).
  • Always on the Move (Specialization: +2 to Engineering when building or repairing a temporary structure).
  • Hotel Hunter (Specialization: +2 to Resources to find safe lodgings).
  • Been Everywhen (Skill Replacement: use Contacting for Cultures at peak -2).
  • Something From Home (Personal Device)


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