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    h1. Table of Contents * [[Introduction to Setting]] ** [[Glossary]] * [[Character Creation]] ** [[Character Concept]] ** [[Home SpaceTime|Home Space-Time]] ** [[Faction and Department or Order]] ** [[Operational Specialty]] ** [[Phases]] ** …

  • OTL

    Official Faction Name: OTL Alternate Names: The Big Two (with the Revisionists) Faction Philosophy: OTL, or Original TimeLine, is the younger of the two [[Traveler]] [[factions]]. At some point in the [[Revisionists]]’ task, a small group of [[ …

  • Crafting

    Crafting is the practice of engineering a [[timeline]] specifically for recruitment, practiced by [[OTL]] and [[Revisionists|the Revisionists]]. A culture is created that is responsive to [[Revisionists|Revisionist]] or [[OTL]] beliefs - usually through a …

  • Scavenging

    Scavenging is simply the practice of recruiting [[operative|operatives]] from [[timeline|timelines]] as convenient. [[factions|Faction]] [[operative|operatives]] have a high death rate, and often a team can neither leave a [[timeline]] before their …

  • Tick Zero

    Tick Zero: The original timeline, also known as OTL. Home [[timeline]] of [[Alpha]]. See [[OTL]].

  • HQ

    The space station that functions as OTL’s home. See [[OTL]].

  • Support

    * [[Aerospace]] -defense of HQ * [[Analysis|Analysis/Digital Intel]] -forensics, data/intel analysis * [[Archives]] * [[Armory]] * [[Interrogation]] * [[Medical]] -Field Medic * [[Motor Pool]] -maintains vehicles * [[Personnel|Personnel and …

  • OTL HQ

    OTL maintains a large and formidable presence on the Base. Every inch has been ripped from the hands of the Revisionists, and much at the borders is still contested.

  • The Station

    The Station is the single most important location in the entire War. Created by the [[Revisionists]] early on, the Station is a massive space station, able to house tens of thousands as well as laboratories, training facilities, storage, hydroponic farms …