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  • Crosstime

    Crosstime [n]: The entirety of all [[timeline|timelines]] in [[metatime]]. Crosstime [v]: The act of [[travel|traveling]] from one [[timeline]] to another. Crosstime [n]: The name of this RPG.

  • SpaceTime

    Particular coordinates in x, y, z, t, and m coordinates. Can be precise to the inch, second, and Tick, or refer to a larger area, such as "20th century USA, RTL." See [[Metatime]], [[RTL]], [[Tick]], [[Timeline]].

  • Yoshi Nakamura

    Phases Phase One (Background) Events: Japan at around the 1600's where instead of becoming isolationist they went into a conquest filled period and took over much of Asia, and are looking further. I worked for the Emperor to keep the homeland's …