Tag: We Can Get You Anything


  • We Can Get You Anything

    A small team of tech acquisition specialists, "the Collectors" roam the timeline looking for the most amazing technology and most wondrous artifacts, both for their own benefit and for that of their clients. *Mission Statement* *_If It's Rare, We've …

  • On the Run

    For something infinite in all directions, the timeline is a shockingly small place. When a key moment in human history is identified -- whether because of its strategic usefulness or the resources it offers -- Travelers descend on it like a pack of …

  • Theo Green

    The First Tick (guest-starring Boy & Ash) Crossing Paths (guest-starring in Boy's First Tick) Crossing Paths Again (guest-starring in Jack's First Tick)

  • Boy

    The First Tick (guest-starring Theo & Jack) I'm a lost teenager with strange abilities. I'm not sure where they came from. I am lost, wanting to know who I am, why I am the way I am. Crossing Paths (guest-starring in Theo's First Tick) Theo …

  • Ash

    The First Tick (guest-starring Theo & ??) Crossing Paths 1 (guest-starring in ??'s First Tick) Crossing Paths 2 (guest-starring in Theo's First Tick)

  • Jack Baum

    The First Tick (guest-starring Boy & Theo) Renowned scientist lost his family to the neglect of fellow engineers. Hugh presentation at corporation wen south when an engineer failed to perform a precautionary test that ended in disaster. Hundreds of lives …