Nick Machiavelli

Brilliant Political Mastermind without a Soul


Name: Niccoli “Nick” Machiavelli Player: Riley Sweeney
Concept: Brilliant Political Mastermind without a Soul (see tick 2 “Karl Rove” or tick 7 “Grand Admiral Thrawn”)

- Internal Memo Note: Extremely Dangerous
- Timeclone: Niccolo Machiavelli
- A Prince Must Rule
- Bureaucratic Heavyweight
- Appreciates the Finer Things
- “Fear is the sharpest blade”

- Deceit
- Intimidation
- Rapport
- Resolve
- Contacting
- Leadership
- Weapons
- Empathy
- Academics
- Alertness
- Gambling
- Endurance
- Resources
- Investigation

- Subtle Menace [Intimidation]
- Serpent’s Tongue [Intimidation]
- Con Man [Deceit]

Health: 1 2 3 4 5
Composure: 1 2 3 4 5 6

Fate Points
Refresh Rate (equal to # of Aspects):


Phase One (Tale of Strength and Weakness)
Events: In 1527, the mutinous Holy Roman Emperor swept down from the Germanic regions and sacked Rome, one of the most powerful cities in the time. Young Niccoli had been brought there by his father (a wealthy merchant) and saw first hand the devastation that occurs when the Pope lets loose his grip on his people. When the blood filled the streets and the screams haunted his ears, Niccoli swore never to be weak.

Aspect: A Prince Must Rule

Phase Two (Tale of Determination and Cowardice)
Events: His father put him through the finest schools, filled his head with the best philosophers. Through out this time, Niccoli gathered people to him like beggers gathered lice. His headmasters feared him, his classmates catered to his whims for fear of his displeasure. After his schooling he was immediately placed as an ambassador to the powerful Medici family that had been banished from Florence three years hence.
Aspect: Appreciates the Finer Things

Phase Three (Tale of Passion and Betrayal)
Events: For five years, Niccoli served the Medici family directly. During that time, he engineered their return to power within Florence through the sympathy generated by the assassination of their youngest daughter by French nationals (who, of course, were caught and confessed, but the French crown denied all involvement). United by this common threat, the Florence crown welcomed back the Medici’s who immediately used their economic might to hire their rivals to manage their assets, at Niccoli’s urging. Niccoli was then appointed Head Diplomatic Counsel to the family. Niccoli then drained their rivals individual assets into the Medici family coffers, making their former business rivals bonded and indebted employees. During this time, Niccoli began to see his path to the Florentine crown.

Aspect: Bureaucratic Heavyweight

Phase Four (Tale of Life and Death)
Events: Using his contacts with Louis XII, Niccoli began to lay the plans for annexing Florence as a French province with Niccoli installed as the governor and ward. This of course, required the elimination of several key figures, however, it was not outside of his reach. Or so he thought. During his time with the Medici’s too much resentment had built up. Niccoli was never quite sure who finally turned him in, but he had plenty of time to dwell on it in the dungeons of Rome, awaiting a trial before the Cardinals for offenses against crown and state. His trial was disrupted when several strange men smashed burst into the courtyard and carried him off, saying they needed a replacement for their lost team member. These men spoke of Niccoli as if they had known him for their whole lives, yet he knew nothing of them.

Aspect: Timeclone: Niccolo Michiavelli

Phase Five (Tale of the First Tick)
Events: During his training, it became quite clear that Niccoli was not at all like the Niccolo that all these people spoke of. But he still had Niccolo’s mind so they kept him fully trained. During his time training, one of his teammates committed suicide and another was outed as a traitor. While Niccoli was never directly connected to either of these events, the commanders felt it prudent to keep a close eye on this fast rising star. Niccoli found this oddly amusing, having convinced one of the instructors to access his file.

Aspect: Internal Memo Note: Extremely Dangerous

Aspect 6: “Fear is the sharpest blade”


Nick Machiavelli

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