Ludger Weissmuller

WWII sniper seeking redemption for Deutschland


Name: Ludger Weissmuller Player: Todd
Concept: WWII sniper seeking redemption for Deutschland

-Sacrifices must be made
-Eugenics supporter
-Sense of justice
-Horrors of war
-Consummate professional


-Stay on Target (+1 on Gun rolls to place the aspect, +2 when using a targeting scope or other aiming device, in addition to any the weapon itself gives)
-In Plain Sight (no environment-based difficulty increases when using Stealth; also, once he’s hidden, even people actively searching for him do not get a +2 to their Alertness or Investigation rolls)
-Hush (As long as the whole group stays with him and follows his hushed orders, he may make a single Stealth roll for the whole group, using his Stealth skill for everyone [up to four people]; works only for those who cooperate. Cannot use other stunts to add to their roll, but can use aspects.)

Health: 1 2 3 4 5
Composure: 1 2 3 4 5

Fate Points
Current: 6
Refresh Rate (equal to # of Aspects): 6


Phase One (Tale of Strength and Weakness)
Events: In the long years following The Great War, Germany was in shambles. It was during these years that Ludger Weissmuller was born, into a life of inescapable hardship. Like so many of the common people, Ludger’s family had nothing but their pride—in themselves, in their family, in their god, in their country. Despite the difficulties and misery, Ludger saw his people live on, resisting the toil of war’s aftermath with a spirit and determination that no other people could dream of having. Despite the ruin of his country, Ludger would never have chosen to live anywhere else, or to be anything but German.

Aspect: Patriot

Phase Two (Tale of Determination and Cowardice)
Events: As a teenager, Ludger worked endlessly with his family, trying to rebuild their lives and their country. He was strong, intelligent, able, and he was an asset in his nation’s recovery. Others, however, held it back. More than the hard labor, the cold nights, or the hunger, his greatest trial was seeing those who lacked the ability or the resolve to aid in Deutschland’s regaining its place in the world—nor could he endure how they were tolerated, even protected in a nation and a world that could not afford weakness. When Chancellor Hitler proclaimed the need to cleanse the incapable from his strong nation, Ludger at last knew that someone understood the truth and was brave enough to enforce it.

Aspect: Eugenics supporter

Phase Three (Tale of Passion and Betrayal)
Events: The mission was almost complete: Ludger and his compatriot Heiner were almost out of enemy territory after assassinating the colonel who would have led the charge into their homeland. Despite the loss of the rest of their team, the two felt they had done their duty. Just before reaching safety, however, Heiner screamed as a bullet pierced his hip, and fell to the ground. An enemy encampment had just been discovered the hard way—and had to be reported. As Heiner cried out for Ludger to come back, to help him, Ludger bit back the tears; Heiner was only one man, yet the enemy encampment could cost hundreds of German lives if not reported. As the enemy soldiers surrounded Heiner’s pleading body, Ludger realized that they would want information, as well—information that Heiner had. As he crossed into safe territory, Ludger turned, aimed, and whispered an apology to his friend.

Aspect: Sacrifices must be made

Phase Four (Tale of Life and Death)
Events: Despite Ludger’s own efforts, not all of Germany’s soldiers conducted themselves with refinement and strength. Rumors flowed among the troops of civilian massacres, mutilations, until Ludger could not help but admit that they had to be true. He saw the truth for himself soon enough upon overhearing his commanding officer’s idle talk—not only were entire towns of noncombatants slaughtered, but millions of them were being gathered and exterminated solely for being born to the wrong parents. The great Hitler, who had claimed to lead Germany back to glory, who had claimed the aid of God himself, was murdering unimaginable numbers of people who had committed no crime. The Nazis, a Christian army, were guilty of greater evils than Herod himself. Ludger, who had walked in the fields of the dead and slain scores of the enemy with no pain, cried himself to sleep that night. His country had furthered its own ruin, all under a charismatic madman and the name of what must have been a false god. For the first time in his proud life, Ludger Weissmuller knew despair.

Aspect: Sense of justice

Phase Five (Tale of the First Tick)
Events: The war was unjust, and Germany’s leaders were the worst evil on the Earth; Ludger knew this. He fought, not for them, but for his country – his once-proud nation could not be redeemed if it were destroyed by enemy invaders. Yet without his faith in his leaders, his war for Deutschland became only a fight for survival. The uniformed men with guns that he shot down were no longer soldiers, but men who had families. Where he used to look through the rifle scope for one extra second to confirm a kill, he now looked away to spare himself the sight of the man’s head or chest exploding. The cries of the orphaned and those crippled by war now reached his ears not as a necessary hardship, but as a very real human tragedy – one that he had helped create. Then one day, he came across four strangely-dressed men and women with unfamiliar weapons, questioning a wounded German officer about where they could find Hitler and how to infiltrate his compound. Their mission was obvious. He did not know where to find the Chancellor, but he immediately approached and volunteered any help he could give to these people and their goals.

Aspect: Horrors of war

Phase Six (Tale of New Beginnings)
Once the Revisionists had heard his story and taken him as one of their own, Ludger committed himself to their cause with the same determination and pride that he had originally felt for the Nazis. No one in his training group adapted as quickly to the new tactics and weapons, and no one trained as hard with as little prodding. Ludger knew his new purpose. He was no longer a man with a gun fighting to salvage a ruined nation and identity; he was once again a soldier — one who had a cause worth fighting for. He redoubled his commitment to order, to practice, and to being the finest soldier that any version of the world had ever been. He would not be weak or lazy, like those he had despised for so long. He would not let his emotions cloud his mission. He would not fail under any circumstance.

Aspect: Consummate professional


Ludger Weissmuller

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