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I thought it was the CRIMSON BANDS of Cyttorak. Anyway, my first flash of character that I got while reading this thread is a WWI Special Forces/wet works guy who after the war was deeply saddened and disturbed by the horrors of war, all that he ahd seen, and hardly the least, by all that he had done. To help himself cope, he traveled to a remote monastery in China or Japan where he learned inner peace through meditation and a newfound commitment to heal the world rather than help destroy it. And yes, he also learned the secrets of ancient Eastern martial arts. His inner strength and martial prowess, combined with his wartime experience and elite military training, make him a determined but strangely sanguine peace-warrior for the world.

Either that or an American or British (Irish?) secret weapons developer who was either fired or sent on an unlikely mission because, though brilliant, he’s a bit of a loon with “fanciful” ideas about what his more unique gadget designs could accomplish.

I’ll work out more details later.

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Re: Todd’s Character
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Name: Dr. Dermot McDanneher Player: Todd “The Iron Lion” Johnson
Concept: adventure-loving, unhinged/visionary military engineer
Archetype: “mad” scientist

Dr. Dermot McDanneher was born in Ireland, and became a designer of weapons and equipment for special commandos and secret operatives for the British Empire during World War One. Although he was undoubtedly brilliant, his peers and superiors openly questioned the feasibility of many of his designs and required him to actually build only conventional equipment. His frustration at both his intellect and scientific progress being stifled, along with a nagging feeling that he should take a more active role in the world’s affairs, led to his great delight at being told that he was being reassigned as a field operative with great freedom and little supervision; he probably would have realized it was just his department trying to get rid of him and/or get him into trouble, but he can’t be bothered to care about that kind of thing—not when he gets to save the world … with science!

-Multi-Vision Goggles
-Odds and Ends (mostly odds)
-Curious to Distraction
-Excellent Drinking Buddy
-“I’m a scientist!”
-Son of a Protestant Pastor
-Defender of Science
-Dislikes Authority
-Scientific Rival: Dr. Vivanda Renard
-Oblivious To Affection From Women


Stunts: Personal Gadget: Multi-Vision Goggles, Universal Gadget, Scientific Genius, Scientific Invention, Weird Science

Gadgets: Upgrades:
-Multi-Vision goggles
-Speculative Science
-Craftsmanship: +1 to Investigation
-Craftsmanship: +1 to Guns

Health: 1 2 3 4 5 6
Composure: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7


Fate Points
Current: 11
Refresh Rate (equal to # of Aspects): 10


Phase One (Background)
Events: Dermot McDanneher was born to a large Irish family in Dublin, the son (well, one of many) of a Pastor Eagan McDanneher. While his father always pressed the need for faith, Dermot instead developed an insatiable curiosity about the way things worked. He could never take “it just does” as an answer, and instead nurtured a passion for experimentation, investigation, and even creation of his own.

First Aspect: son of a Protestant pastor
Second Aspect: insatiable curiosity

Phase Two (The Great War)
Century Club Patron: Although Dermot’s social skills took a distinct back seat to his pursuit of science, he loves a good drink and a good song as much as any good Irishman should; his affable nature in relaxed circumstances made him MI5’s choice to rub shoulders with the upper classes of the Empire State to secure financing for the latest defense projects.
Events: During his time as a designer of complex military equipment for MI5, the department was visited by a representative from France, one Dr. Vivanda Renard. As a courtesy, Dermot asked her to assist him in presenting a new projectile grappling hook that could be fired by a secret operative and immediately pull him/her straight up the cord with the included miniature wheen mechanism that ran along the cable. Tragically, Renard held the prototype too close to her body and was wearing a loose dress, and it quickly became clear that she had been wearing nothing underneath. Dermot quickly decided to develop the handheld propeller, instead.

First Aspect: excellent drinking buddy
Second Aspect: scientific rival : Dr. Vivanda Renard

Phase Three (Your Novel)
Novel Title: “Little Green Men from … Scotland?”
Guest Stars: Nick Brogue, test pilot extraordinaire; Jacqueline Snow, long-term care nurse
Events: Following the Great War, MI5 tired of Dr. McDanneher’s continually showing up the rest of his department in terms of creativity and scope, and sent him to work as a field agent. His first assignment: investigate suspcious reports of unearthly beings appearing in an unusual crater near a small Scottish village. Joined by Nick Brogue, pilot of Dermot’s new experimental aircraft, and Jacqueline Snow, an adventurous medical aid, the daring Dr. Dermot McDanneher set out to investigate this potential paranormal threat. Despite Brogue’s incessantly asking why Dr. McDanneher always left the business of patching up wounds to the nurse, Dermot was able to discover the cause of the mutations (irradiated farm machinery that had come into contact with high-grade uranium from a falling meteor), neutralize the radiation, cure the vilalgers with Miss Snow’s help (after he had rescued her from the brain-addled cult that had taken to worshiping the glowing thresher), and return to the British Empire in time to stop the cultists’ mad leader from assassinating the Queen. Tragically, the only thing Dermot failed at was realizing why Jacqueline kept asking him to stay at the hospital even after his chemical burns, shrapnel wounds and broken bones had healed.

First Aspect: “I’m a scientist!”
Second Aspect: oblivious to affection from women

Phase Four (Other Adventures)
Guest Starring In: “Monstrosities of Science!” starring Jack Castleman, defender of the British Empire; featuring Dr. Dermot McDanneher
Events: In a ruined castle far in the countryside of bucolic England, the evil Dr. Brainwick performed atrocious experiments, delving into secrets no man was ever meant to know. His plan to destroy the civil government of Great Britain might have seemed perfect … but he didn’t count of the dashing Jack Castlemanm, Defender of the British Empire (and his sidekick and comic relief, Dr. Dermot McDanneher)! Before Brainwick could send his army of reanimated corpses to lay seige to the House of Commons, our two-fisted hero burst into the castle (after the sidekick solved 90% of the riddle that opened the front door and lowered the drawbridge through clever use of his clockwork bat decoy), single-handedly defeated the undead legion (with Dermot’s improvised Roto-Reaver, once Dermot had spung them from the dungeon and discovered the trick to making the corpses vulnerable en route), and subdued the vile Dr. Brainwick (after Brainwick punched Dermot in the stomach)! Castleman returned home to glory, knighthood and the adoration of a grateful empire, while MI5 offered to reimburse McDanneher for half the construction costs of the bat decoy. Dermot swore off ever being the sidekick again, and swore at most of his superiors for putting him in such a position in the first place.

First Aspect: dislikes authority
Second Aspect: odds and ends (mostly odds)

Phase Five (Other Adventures)
Guest Starring In: The McDanneher Family Reunion
Events: Following the events at Castle Brainwick (including the spring-loaded/electrified toilet seat that kept showing up in the commissioner’s loo), the officers of MI5 allowed Dr. McDanneher greater personal freedom on his missions, including in his choice of methods, equipment and company. This enabled Dermot to stop at his parents’ home in Dublin for a couple days to see the whole of his family for the first time since he had left for the Academy. Though he adjusted to the bustle of the entire McDanneher clan under one roof again with ease, more trying was Dermot’s father’s eternally railing against Dermot’s continued “phase” of searching for answers in science, rather than the Holy Bible. Dermot did his best to explain the concepts of empiricism, logic, physics and chemistry, but the constant interruption by both loudmouthed parents and all eight loudmouthed siblings quickly proved his efforts futile. The whiskey and porter at the local pub proved to the liking of the entire family, however, and in the aftermath of the ensuing family bar fight, all quarrels were forgotten. It wasn’t until he was back on his way to the Underground Laboratory of Nightmares that Dermot thought to bemoan his family’s inability to see other people’s points of view, and how so many people could have only one way of looking at things when there could be so many … That last thought stuck with him, all the way back to his laboratory at home.

First Aspect: defender of Science
Second Aspect: Multi-Vision Goggles


Dermot McDanneher

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