Former technocrat and brilliant engineer travels time trying to find her place


Name: Naila

Faction: Freelancers (loosely affiliated with Revisionists)

Operational Specialty:

Concept: Former technocrat and brilliant engineer travels time trying to find her place


  • Background Aspect: Political Splice
  • Faction Aspect: (something to do with machines)
  • Sheltered From the World
  • Skewed Sense of Duty
  • Humbled
  • Cautious
  • Determined


  • Stunts:
  • Bionic Eye “Pierce” (Invention Stunt: Personal Device)
  • International (Unflappable: no penalty to Rapport due to unfamiliar cultures)
  • Walking Library (Unflappable: can use Academics without access to a library)
  • Scientific Genius (Invention Stunt: Scientific Genius)
  • Scientific Invention (Invention Stunt: Scientific Invention)


  • Devices:
  • Bionic Eye
  • Base Item: Eye
  • Upgrade: Telescopic Vision (+2 to Alertness over long distances)
  • PL 6 (Cyberpunk technology)
  • Conscious (rudimentary AI)
  • Gear:
  • Energy rifle: Dmg +2, Acc +2, Rng 2-5 zones
  • Energy pistol: Dmg +1, Acc +0, Rng 0-2 zones


  • Health: 1 2 3
  • Composure: 1 2 3


  • Mild:
  • Moderate:
  • Severe:

Fate Points

  • Current: 2
  • Refresh Rate: 2


1. Background

Events: Techno-high society, those who invent or develop technology
hold the money and power. General peace. One World Order, governed by
council of science-based scholars. Genetic engineering common. Egypt
is center of world government and technology.

TL: Roman (Egyptian), Diplomatic, Technocracy, PL 6, Urban

  • Background Aspect: Political Splice
  • Aspect 1: Sheltered From the World

2. Youth

Events: Grew up in a strict household, imagination only encouraged for
invention. All must be in order, had funding to go to good schools,
differentiated from “the masses.”

  • Aspect 2: Skewed Sense of Duty
  • Aspect 3: Humbled

3. The First Tick


  • Faction Aspect: [to be filled]
  • Aspect 4: Cautious


Events: See Adventure Log

  • Aspect 5: Determined


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