Yoshi Nakamura

Japanese Imperial swordsman turned time-traveling mercenary


Name: Nakamura Yoshi

Player: Daniel

Concept: Japanese Swordsman

Faction: Freelancer (affiliated with Revisionists)

Operational Specialty:


  • Background Aspect: Born Swordsman
  • Faction Aspect: Not yet drinking the Kool-aid
  • Top of the Curve
  • Whatever it Takes
  • The Emperor’s Sword
  • Mechanical Inquiry
  • Silently Loud


  • Stunts
  • Faction Stunt: The Emperor’s Sword (Invention Stunt: Personal Device)
  • Close at Hand (Free-form Stunt: can draw a weapon with a free action)
  • On Top of It (Free-form Stunt: can spend a fate point to go first in a round)
  • Inner Strength (Specialization: +2 to Resolve vs. attempts to get inside his head)


  • Health: 1 2 3 4
  • Composure: 1 2 3 4 5


  • Mild:
  • Moderate:
  • Severe:

Fate Points

  • Current: 4
  • Refresh Rate: 4


  • The Emperor’s Sword
  • Craftsmanship (+1 to Accuracy)
  • Rugged
  • Dmg +0, Acc +2, Rng 0


Phase One (Background)

Events: Japan at around the 1600’s where instead of becoming
isolationist they went into a conquest filled period and took over
much of Asia, and are looking further. I worked for the Emperor to
keep the homeland’s Governors in line and supporting the emperor as a
cleanup/remittance man.

Timeline: Japanese, Monarchy, Militaristic, Agrarian, PL 3

  • Background Aspect: Born Swordsman
  • Aspect 1: Top of the Curve

Phase Two (Youth)

Events: Growing up in the Emperors’ palace, I was constantly
challenged to be better than the next person, to uphold my family’s
honor and expand upon it. When it was found at a young age that I was
a natural with the sword, I was constantly tested by everyone, and was
basically used as the high-water mark with which everyone else stood.

  • Aspect 2: Whatever it Takes
  • Aspect 3: Mechanical Inquiry

Phase Three (The First Tick)

Events: The Fall of the Empire is Heralded by an invasion of Unstoppable Machines, that tore through the palace. The Emperor was able to kill some of the machines with his sword before he fell. Upon his Death I picked up his sword and cleared the Palace of the
Machines. The Palace cleansed, I ventured out to see that the entire capitol city was totally demolished, all surviving humans were being systematically cut down. It was then that I learned of the Revisionists, when one of the remaining guards that fought with me offered me a chance to prevent this from happening again.

  • Faction Aspect: Not yet drinking the Kool-aid
  • Aspect 4: The Emperor’s Sword

Phase Four (MYCROFT)


  • Aspect 5: Silently Loud

Yoshi Nakamura

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